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SipSnap to Boon

We have teamed up with our favorite children's product company, Boon! (BKD is a division of TOMY International, Inc. operating under the brand Boon.) This means great things for SipSnap. Going forward Boon will be the producer and distributor of a similar version of SipSnap called Snug. The genius of SipSnap will live on in Snug. Boon has taken the innovative concept and design of our beloved SipSnap and made it an easily accessible and more affordable product that will enable more people to benefit from its use.  We will have more information shortly on how you can purchase Snug. Come January 2016, Snug will be available on our site and through other retailers. 

Boon is a company focused on well designed, modern infant and toddler products.  Your family has most likely already enjoyed a few of them. We are so excited to be working with Boon, not only do we feel aligned with their aesthetic, but we also share similar entrepreneurial start up histories.  We have met with members of their product development team as well as their founder and CEO and feel a great connection with the people behind the brand and vision. We know that they will accomplish great things with Snug that would have taken us years to accomplish on our own. It is so important to us to that we share our “baby” with the right brand, the right company, and the right people and Boon is exactly that.